Drying – our new system

Energy-efficient drying with the new Attero

Thanks to our patented material guidance system within our machines, we achieve minimised residual moisture and an improved cleaning effect.
The machine is distinguished by its longer screen length compared to the rotor diameter, which produces an increased dwell time.
Another milestone is our patented cleaning system, which effectively keeps the outside of the screen and the inside of the housing clean. This system not only ensures optimum operating conditions but also enables uncomplicated maintenance and servicing of wear parts.
With the rotary valve attached to the product discharge, the material is discharged without pressure to ensure an efficient recycling process.

All services at a glance


We develop high-quality machines that facilitate reliable cleaning of the materials to be recycled.


We design and produce components that separate the individual parts based on their specific weight.


We offer high-quality machines for the final preparation of plastics for further processing.

Dry Cleaner

Our latest development in the field of plastics processing, as an initial step in the recycling process.


We support you with basic engineering, offer customised service and handle maintenance for you.

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