We develop high-quality machines that facilitate reliable cleaning of the materials to be recycled.

Friction separator

Residue-free cleanliness – friction separators.

Friction separators are used to clean the inserted plastic particles and to reduce the amount of water before mechanical drying.

The inserted water/plastic mixture is accelerated by the rotor and the adhering contaminants are pressed through the holes of the screen basket with the water. These contaminants, such as residues of ingredients, sand, paper, but also cleaning fluids, acid, etc., are collected and discharged at the bottom of the machine. Water added to the lid improves the cleaning effect.

Typical tasks include the cleaning of films from DSD collections, moulded parts such as crushed bottles (for example ketchup bottles, shampoo bottles, PET bottles, etc.), but also agricultural and greenhouse films, plastic crates and containers.
The screen perforation of the machine can be adapted to the size of the parts being inserted. In the pre-cleaning area, these perforations are in the range of 5 mm, in the post-shredding area 2.5 – 3 mm. These screens can be designed to be replaceable, but most of the screen plates on our machines are welded in to ensure stability and durability.

The machine can be set up horizontally or at an angle of 40 degrees.
It is driven by a three-phase motor with V-belt drive. During the design, we paid particular attention to the sealing of the bearing in the inlet area. In addition to a packing seal and a shaft sleeve, which protects the rotor shaft from wear, a labyrinth seal is also used. We choose extremely robust spherical roller bearings to ensure a long service life.

The housing, covers and screens are always made of stainless steel, while the rotor is usually made of mild steel. However, rotor blades made of mild steel, Hardox or stainless steel are also available.

Each machine is subjected to a test run before delivery, during which the power consumption, vibrations and bearing condition are documented.

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Additional services


We design and produce components that separate the individual parts based on their specific weight.


We offer high-quality machines for the final preparation of plastics for further processing.

Dry Cleaner

Our latest development in the field of plastics processing, as an initial step in the recycling process.


We support you with basic engineering, offer customised service and handle maintenance for you.