Dry Cleaner

Innovative solution for a clean, water-free, and material-friendly cleaning.

Dry Cleaner

The first step.

Our latest development in the field of plastic processing is a dry cleaner, used as an initial step in the recycling process.

Thanks to our innovative patented system, we achieve a significant reduction in exhaust air volume by eliminating the use of a fan in product conveyance.

This dry cleaner is characterized by its modified sieve perforation and adapted material discharge, distinguishing it from our conventional models. These adjustments ensure that the processed materials are efficiently and promptly forwarded to the next processing stage, ensuring a consistently high processing quality.

It effectively prepares the material for subsequent steps by removing dirt and other impurities, entirely without the need for water or chemical cleaning agents.

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Additional services


We develop high-quality machines that facilitate reliable cleaning of the materials to be recycled.


We design and produce components that separate the individual parts based on their specific weight.


We offer high-quality machines for the final preparation of plastics for further processing.


We support you with basic engineering, offer customised service and handle maintenance for you.